sitting on the doorstep of anticipation

Is there a sensory light?
She asked me – while I was still sitting on the doorstep of anticipation –
Peering into the soul of a cat – thought about how it would be. – ..
To forever escape the realist doctrine –
Coming – no way touched the truth. –
And then how do you interpret the difference between-
Sensual and natural light?
And yours figurative –
Purpose which shine from the eye –
To hide behind the curiosity can not –
I said come on baby beautiful eyes –

You and me today from early morning
So somehow simply put –
Very itchy lips mmm –
I’d like to try at least
His lips upon your body –
Prove that a kiss is an expression
Interior design and symptom –
Condition, not performance – one of the inner world
that for you in my heart stature