Charity in the life  is my philosophy dawn


Someone once said
“Life is what happens while we were busy hammering other plans ..”
What do you say on the subject, how do you live?
Is your life ji embroidered maturing love, fondness of hugs and kisses. ?
Do we in the contemporary life of the right to self?
or we are just numbers, just machines spraljenje lunches dinner laundry, … Mowing grass  hedge clippers …?
theme of today’s post is dawning as the title of this post says: Many of the concerns regarding an appointment of understanding dawns and some are, in fact, many are wondering when they will finally dawns to me? others say “dawn for me it sounds too good to be true, is it really so many secrets hidden philosophy of dawn, my philosophy dawn; pushes pure and unadulterated love and ostrich-based world.
I wish you all the best!
your maxima