As thoughts wander
splinters days
Meet and at a party in one …
I know we shared
Oranges in two
We were cramped beds
So we’re on the floor …
you talked
You will catch cold
my silly
What opinionated, telling you
Do you know how much I love and yours ….
Oh wait that I finish first
You know nothing,
Can not my eyes and warmed up.
and tickled
Pen soles
You laughed …
Then we walked noon
river smells
And somehow different forest
What’s that sound like
Crow horses
Just whinny.
Then … divisions in the light disappeared handle your baby.
Now I’m
On this coast,
I do not have anyone,
Nobody except you
In his mind
At the heart of …
And what of our little puppy
I’m walking on a long leash
I am an ordinary beggar
Begging your hand
my Queen
My beautiful angels
As thoughts wander
splinters days
And I hope,,,