Daddy ..
Tell me a bedtime story
(Grandma’s story) …
And then you know what to start … There was once a little girl named … Clementine.
She had a little brother who was called ….
But let’s say … Jane – say his name …
Putra! He heard the voice of a tiny baby,
Oh, do Putra!
Well, it’s already happened.
And it’s a hero from the second story.
– But I want this story –
It’s your daughter’s grandmother spoke,
Come on, please, another –
Putra Putri … want … Putra – cheering, just exactly like the real game
Well let’s keep it … I said:
In a long, long time when there was no electricity … no computers …?!
Oh, not so! !
Grandma knows better, and her story goes like this:
Briskly to Jane”In a long, long time, lived in a village grandmother and grandfather.
They were all alone and abandoned by all.
Their children were married off and married

And they came alone, while its parent, could take away from something.
A real paradise was in the thick autumn fog, while a full beard and greasy saddlebag, – quite warmed brandy and hot mulled wine went with Pig …
Grandma and Grandpa enjoying the children’s screams proudly walked in the vast backyard
With time, the grandparents so weak – and no longer visit them.
Often, watery eyes looked winding dirt road –
From where once their happiness came.
Now it is not:
Only the long, cold winter night, the neighbor’s dog howls – and from the nearby forest before dawn to the terrible roar of wild animals and nothing more –
– Wait you some of my daughter.
I, for I had not heard that story!
And when I was talking to my grandmother?
Well today on the phone.
And she said, you know –
I wanted to be and I look at my grandchildren and poor winding dirt road, and I think when you get there.
And I wish you, Grandma …
A … Daddy … when we go to Grandma’s house a little?
Come tomorrow – I said a little confused.
And what did you do with buttermilk?
I asked after a while JaneThe angle of the dark room, was completely silent …
small deer asleep …
And I, I’m late into the night tossing in a soft bed and thought.
I look like you and me to her grandmother’s stories of heroes.
And you?

with love  maxima