I love you

Morning, disturbing the silence , only
Tiny drops of dew,
falling on
Thirsty flowers.
You, curled up in a blue dreams, gentle as
View as ripe fruit
you sleep ,
your hair wonderfully loose cushion
I try to pick up every trace
our, blue passion scattered everywhere sky
Beauteous ! The special alluringly
Lace, hiding , your beautiful , your heavenly
Breast of curious looked months
I canโ€™t find words enough
To express How is a lovely sense
Of belonging your dreams
And I feel the bliss encircling my soul
Your song, song of your lips
Is the most beautiful I’ve ever heard
I love you

11 thoughts on “I love you

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  2. Very nice poem, Stefan! So romantic! Pleased to my soul! Thank you so much for having shared with us! All the best to be for you! Love, Stefania!๐Ÿ™‚

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