Paths of my childhood


youtube video

18 thoughts on “Paths of my childhood

  1. Beautiful Stefan. Lovely, lovey photo’s and video. I think a walk along that lovely river would be a wonderful thing. Like the others I look forward to hearing more of your childhood, Penny

    • I am very honored by your visit here to your high opinion of me i o my blog make me to every your visit and comment Today I will add more poetic image from yesterday’s post about the next time this issue goes to seven days

  2. Stefan, very beautiful are the places where you grew up.
    I think every time you return with much emotion there.
    Very beautiful images.
    Have a wonderful day! All the best to be for you!🙂

    • Thank you my Stefania for this lovely comment, if he stays with me , here we’ll work through photos and video stories to spend beautiful moments of relaxation that our life – everyday life and much-needed
      with love Stefan

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