Dear friends, reading your blogs I read your thoughts, your dreams, your hopes, your sorrows, your joys , your aspirations … and I’m here with you , I sympathize with you rejoice with you in a work with you their thoughts and their feelings all together as I do that we are one family.My today’s post is titled Emma . got him by a little girl who ‘s out there somewhere , miles away from me, in the great American lives a happy childhood . children are the adornment of the world, and we through our actions they prepare for a world in which one day will come.this is my poem

Open your eyes sleepy ,
Here’s the day arrived .
Gold is the sun out of the fields ,
Immediately interrupt your sleep.
Get to be the sun,
Eyes that gold sow
Get to be a cheek
All of which Gently caress

as a gift to a little Emma is part of the total activity that we as people do for good luck.our children , and like Grandma Penny his granddaughter, Emma. girlfriend. Let’s be friends and we are all children of the world. Because when large hands make it all it can ,it all it can be!

with love

Author: Maxima

Maxima is a pseudonym I've been using to authenticate my work. I’m a writer, poet, literary critic, and author of several booksIn addition , poetry as a basic form of literary creation ,writes short stories , aphorisms , literary criticism . ( Don't Let Tears Kiss My Face )( Between Shadows ) Poems written by Maxima have been translated into: English, French and Spanish As hobbies, I have a passion for photography and creating meaningful videos. In this site you will likewise see showcase my video creativity. Thank you for dropping by! Feel free to follow; feel free to comeback! With love Maxima

21 thoughts on “Emma”

  1. Reblogged this on TheWhyAboutThis and commented:
    Thank you my friend Stefan from across the planet thousands of miles away. Emma just read this, The smile that began and grew lite up her face, an express of joy and happiness for your gift..she says “thank you” Stefan and I thank you to for so precious a gift!

    1. What can we do for the happiness of children is to provide them happily childhood
      Thank you, . whether we are willing to do for them ? we did . children are our greatest joy , love them – and the world will look a lot different. Thank you for this wonderful comment!

  2. Stefan, I am crying for happy here my dearest friend that is probably the nices gift ever to receive across these many miles. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and caring friend as you. With great great affection for who and how you are I send much love to you this day, Penny

      1. Know that I smile for happiness. There are few things in life more precious to me than “my emma” her creative talent, her internal/external beauty and innocent love of life is my blessing, again my thanks, Penny

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