Two Award

Two award

I have been nominated for a two awards at intervals of several days
I appreciate both, and for me it is an honor to accept them. I have been nominated for are the following:

 The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


For that I was nominated by:Fiammisday
Thank you very much! I appreciate your kind words and your thoughts about my blog . and for support, marvelous comments, and encouragement. Thanks for you high thinking about me.

Generally, to accept any of these awards, the rules are the following:
1.Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link to their blog. (done above)
2.Mention 7 random things about yourself. In the case of the Reader

3.Appreciation Award, answer a list of questions. You decide what’s best.
4.List the rules
5.Give the award to 15 or more bloggers. (I will condense this a little here)
6.Add the award to your blog. (They are pretty)
Questions for the Reader Appreciation Award:
What is my favorite color? Green, .
What is my favorite animal?Dog.
What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? I do not know if I could give , but here it is Coca Cola .
What do you prefer Twitter or Facebook?Twitter
What is your favorite pattern? I don’t know. I favor ….
Would you rather receive or give presents? I like giving . do.
Favorite number? I always like 19.
Favorite day? Saturday.
Favorite flower? Rose! .
Passion? Family and friendship.

And, now for the nominees:

For the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

  • zentcreativeblog
  • Denisa Aricescu
  • belocchio
  • ninikbecker.
  • Aina Balagtas

    Thanks to all who have read my posts and supported me.

    For the One lovely blog Award:

  • ladybluerose
  • Lori
  • Denisa Aricescu<a
  • belocchio
  • ateddybearsjourney
  • lolabees
  • melodylowes
  • dranilj1
  • coastalcrone
  • zentcreativeblog
  • imaginecontinua
  • lscotthoughts
  • ninikbecker.
  • magsx2
  • travelspirit333
  • Amy

    Thanks again for reading!

    Author: Maxima

    Maxima is a pseudonym I've been using to authenticate my work. I’m a writer, poet, literary critic, and author of several booksIn addition , poetry as a basic form of literary creation ,writes short stories , aphorisms , literary criticism . ( Don't Let Tears Kiss My Face )( Between Shadows ) Poems written by Maxima have been translated into: English, French and Spanish As hobbies, I have a passion for photography and creating meaningful videos. In this site you will likewise see showcase my video creativity. Thank you for dropping by! Feel free to follow; feel free to comeback! With love Maxima

  • 17 thoughts on “Two Award”

    1. Congratulations on your awards! These awards are well deserved, as your blog is always full of beauty, love and such a joy to read. Thank you so much for my nomination as well!

      Peace and Blessings!


    2. My congratulations to you on both awards! Your blog is always an adventure. And thank you for my nomination! I will comply with the rules when I can and will enjoy checking out the blogs of the other nominees as it is a way to discover new blogs. Peace and joy to you!

    3. Congratulations! You are very much deserving of those awards 😊 and I thank you for the nomination! However, I’ll have a problem accepting, because I did it previously, and it was unsuccessful😞 I am really sorry! Nonetheless, kudos! And again, thank you for the recognition. 😊

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